Presentations-Recent Talks



  • New York University, November 20, 2014, NY, NY
    • Metro-Area Research Group on Awareness & Meditation (MARGAM-NYU)
    • Quantum brain vibrations – S. Hameroff, The intra-neuronal origin of consciousness,44 West 4th Street, Conference Room 170, 7:00pm



  • Neuroscience, 2013, Society for Neuroscience, November 14, 2013 - San Diego, California

    • Transcranial Ultrasound (‘TUS’) an Optimal Non-Invasive Brain-Machine Interface via Microtubules? SR Hameroff, JL Sanguinetti, C Duffield, U Raman, S Ghosh, S Parker, QD Amos, JJB Allen

    • Debate on ‘Molecular mechanisms of anesthesia’ Session Title: Do Anesthetics Act on Neuronal Surface Membranes, or Internal Cytoplasm?  A Debate on the role of Claude Bernard’s theory for contemporary  research into anesthetic mechanisms. Hameroff, S., ‘Claude Bernard is Still Correct: Anesthetics Act in Neuronal Cytoplasmic Interiors’
  • American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting, October 11-15, 2013, San Francisco, CA, S. Hameroff, Debate on ‘Molecular Mechanisms of Anesthesia’    pdf program book

  • Sages and Scientists Symposium, August 16-18, 2013, Carlsbad, California, S. Hameroff,  ‘Consciousness and the Anthropic Principle’-  VIDEO








  • QANSAS 2011, Agra, India, Quantum and Nanocomputing Systems, Quantum and Nano Computing Systems Centre (QANCENTRE), December 1-4, 2011


  • Stockholm TSC 2011
    • Toward a Science of Consciousness, Stockholm 2-8 May, 2011, Aula Magna Hall,    
    • Hameroff, S  Meyer-Overton Meets Quantum Physics: Consciousness, Memory and Anesthetic Binding in Tubulin Hydrophobic Channels [131] - Anesthesia Plenary 13
    • Link to 2011 TSC Stockholm  Abstracts      



         Toward a Science of  Consciousness TSC Stockholm 2011 Stuart Hameroff     Toward a Science of  Consciousness TSC Stockholm 2011 Roger Penrose










Stockholm, 2011